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Shampoos & conditioners

Everyone washes their hair regularly. The use of shampoo and/or a conditioner with hair growth stimulating properties is therefore an easy way to stimulate hair growth. It takes no extra effort, since you can simply replace your current shampoo or conditioner with a hair growth stimulating shampoo and conditioner.

The main shampoos that help stimulate hair growth are Regenepure DR, Revita and Neofollics shampoo.
Are you not quite sure which one to get? Read more about the differences between the three shampoos.

In order to nourish your hair optimally, we recommend using a conditioner, such as Regenepure biotin conditioner, Revita.COR conditioner or Neofollics conditioner. These also contain ingredients that stimulate hair growth. Especially when your hair feels dry after washing with a hair growth shampoo (caused by the ingredient Ketoconazole or Piroctone olamine), the use of a conditioner is recommended.

For thicker and fuller hair, when there is no hair loss, the thickening Beaver keratin shampoo and conditioner are a good choice.