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HGS derma roller (0.5mm)

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The HGS derma roller is designed to enhance the treatment of hair loss by increasing the effectiveness of topical lotions. Use the derma roller on the scalp before treatment with a topical lotion. Topical lotions such as Spectral DNC-N (Nanoxidil), Neofollics Lotion and Minοx will be better absorbed through the skin. This will increase the effect of the lotion. Apart from the improved working of lotions, the use of the derma roller by itself also has a positive effect on hair growth.

The titanium micro needles penetrate the upper skin layers without causing damage or bleeding.

The roller is available in 3 different needle lengths:

  • medium (0.3 mm) for the less experienced user and sensitive skin types
  • long (0.5 mm) for the experienced user
  • extra long (1.0mm) for the experienced user
Sorry, we currently do not offer this product.

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Description HGS derma roller (0.5mm)

The dermaroller has the characteristics of a medical instrument, but can be used safely and easily at home. The dermaroller makes the skin more permeable without damaging it. The skin recovers quickly after use, but until then the skin will have significantly more capacity to absorb lotions.

The needles are very short (depending on the chosen model 0.3mm, 0.5mm or 1.0mm), so the only thing you feel is a tingling of the skin. Use the dermaroller on the scalp at least 12 hours before treatment to open the pores and make the skin more permeable.

Properties of the HGS dermaroller:

  • 192 titanium microneedles
  • Various needle lengths
  • Increases the absorption of topical lotions for increased effectiveness
  • Comfortable design, easy to use
  • Supplied in a sterile, airtight container
  • Lasts up to 6 months when used daily


Choosing your derma roller
All lengths can be used in order to increase the effectiveness of hair growth stimulating lotions. However, when you never used derma needling on the scalp before, we advise to you use the 0.3mm. The other lengths are for experienced users.

If you have not previously used a lotion before or you have changed to a different lotion, we advise not to use the derma roller directly together with the (new) lotion. Try the lotion for two weeks and see how you react to it. Then you can add the derma roller to your regimen.

In studies about the effectiveness, the derma roller was used 1x per week. So a relatively low frequency already has an effect. Our advice is that the derma roller should be used not more than 2-3 times per week, because the skin needs time to recover after the treatment.

You only need to roll the derma roller softly across the scalp, pressure is not necessary. For proper treatment, roll in fixed patterns several times over the surface you want to treat.

The derma roller makes the skin more permeable without damaging it. The skin recovers very quickly after use, but the skin will at that time have significantly more capacity to absorb lotions.

Caution is advised when combining a lotion with a derma roller. Because the absorption is much stronger than normal, the lotion can cause side effects that you normally don’t have with the lotion. Think especially of scalp irritation. So keep a close eye to how your skin and body respond to it.

To prevent this as much as possible, we recommend to keep at least 12 hours between the use of the derma roller and lotion. Since our lotions have few side effects and negligible amounts of solvents, the lotion can perhaps be applied earlier, but we advise to build it up slowly and see how your skin responds.

Rinse the derma roller after each treatment under hot tap water and shake it dry. Use an alcohol concentration to disinfect it. Put the derma roller back in the box after usage. From a hygienic point of view it is not recommunded to let others use the derma roller.

The derma roller should never be used when you suffer from skin diseases or skin damage. If your skin appears to be sensitive to the treatment stop using the derma roller immediately. When you experience symptoms of the use of the dermaroller in combination with the use of topical lotions, immediately stop the use of the derma roller.


Suitable for: Men and women
A good treatment for: All types of hair loss
Method: Improved absorption of topical lotions, Scalp stimulation
Needle length: 0.5mm

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HGS derma roller (0.5mm) reviews

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From on
Frequency of use: | 1 to 2 months

I use the dermaroller for almost two months in combination with the Neofollics lotion (I have been using it for a few years). I am very satisfied with the results. I notice that my hair grows faster, regrowths and thickens on the inlets. I hope that after more use I will get more regrowth.

From on

After reading the hairloss forums and so many articles about possible effects of dermaroller for hairloss sufferers, i decided to add this tool into my regimen. So i bought cheap Chinese dermaroller and ended up using only 1 week as it got broken in middle of action. Next thing i i did was to purchase this one and been using very gladly. Solid product

From on

In the morning I use the Dermaroller, in the evening I use Spectral DNC-N. Have the idea that this combination works well for me.

From on

Excellent quality scalp roller! I am using this in combination with Nanoxidil.

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