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All about hair growth

All about hair growth
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When and how to use a lotion against hair loss

A hair growth stimulating lotion is a targeted treatment against (hereditary) hair loss, directly on the scalp (topically). After applying it, you let the lotion soak into the scalp for a good amount of time. The active, hair growth stimulating ingredients can optimally do their work this way. This makes a lotion a very targeted and effective treatment.

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Neofollics lotion with 7% Neoxyl

Neofollics lotion: Neofollics lotion with 7% Neoxyl

Clinically proven to stimulate new hair growth and combat hair loss. 41% more hair growth then Minoxidil. Features strong DHT-inhibitors and enhanced scalp absorption. For men and women.
Spectral.DNC-N with 5% Nanoxidil

Spectral DNC-N (Nanoxidil) lotion: Spectral.DNC-N with 5% Nanoxidil

Nanoxidil increases hair density and promotes the overall health of the scalp. Reduces inflammation and has antibacterial and antifungal actions. For men and women.

What lotions are available?

There are various lotions available on the market, all with their own effects and characteristics. For example, there are lotions that target (hereditary) hair loss. There are also lotions that were formulated for female hereditary hair loss (non-genetic) and for hair loss due to stress. The combination of the type of hair loss, your life style and your sensitivities to certain ingredients ultimately determines the choice of the lotion.

Here you can choose which lotion suits you best.

When can you start using a lotion?

Do you notice your hair is thinning? Then it's best to do something about that immediately. A lot of hair has already been lost by the time the hair has become visibly thinner.

For hair loss at an early stage, a shampoo is a good basic treatment. From the stage of moderate hair loss the use of a shampoo alone is often not sufficient anymore for a satisfying result.

In case of moderate hair loss, the hair loss is clearly visible, the crown and the widow's peaks are thinning out. For many women, this usually means that the hair around the hair parting is becoming thinner. This means that the process of hair loss has been developing for a while. A lotion is then a good (supplement to the) treatment. Especially when regrowth of the hair is desired. Regrowth is after all harder to achieve than inhibiting the hair loss, especially as the hereditary hair loss has advanced. Don't get discouraged however; hair growth is a slow process and the effect of the hair growth products continues to build up over a year time.

A lotion can therefore be used as a standalone treatment and as addition to a shampoo and/or nutritional supplement. As the hair loss worsens, combining several products is recommended.

How does a lotion work?

A lotion ensures that the hairs remain longer in their growth phase. This means that the hairs grow for a longer period of time and are less quickly to fall out. Because of this, more hairs grow at the same time.

In addition, a lotion protects the hair follicles against the harmful influence of the hormone DHT in hereditary hair loss. Hereditary hair loss (Alopecia Androgenetica) is caused by testosterone being converted to dihydro-testosterone (DHT). It could be said that DHT is the biggest enemy of the hair: it shrivels up the hair follicles. Hairs can then no longer grow from the follicles, or only thinner ones.

When will you see results from the lotion?

The ingredients in the lotion will immediately start stimulating your hair growth. Because hair growth is a slow process, it takes 3 to 6 months for the first effects to become visible. In 'problem areas' this is even slower and hair roots may stay in their resting phase for a long time. Especially in long hair, the small new hairs are often difficult to spot. The full effect often becomes visible after 12 months.

Optimizing the effect
Can you tolerate the lotion well and do you want a greater effect? Use a dermaroller. This improves the absorption of the lotion in the hair follicles, enhancing the effect.

How do you use a lotion against hair loss?

For optimal results and to make your experience as pleasant as possible, you can read more about applying a lotion below.

Hair loss must be fought constantly. That is why a frequent use of the lotion is important. We recommend applying a lotion twice per day, as recommend by the manufacturers of our lotions.

Fixed times
For a consistent use, it is useful to maintain a fixed pattern. For example in the morning and in the evening, before brushing your teeth. This will make it a fixed part of your daily routine. This does not mean that you need to maintain fixed times. It will be no problem if your second dosage of the day is applied in the afternoon or in the evening. Just remember, it's about the total frequency per day.

Do you normally apply the hair lotion just before going to sleep, but is it inconvenient right now? No problem. Try to remember to apply the lotion immediately after waking up the next morning.

Note: many lotions contain a message stating hair loss can occur if the treatment is interrupted. This is because the hair growth will revert back to its old situation and moreover, the newly generated hairs will fall back out again. However, this will not immediately happen when you do not use the lotion for a day or two.

Applying the lotion

  • Divide the hair with a comb
    By dividing the hair in two parts, it is easier to apply the lotion to the scalp. This also partially prevents your hair from becoming greasy or sticky because of the lotion. By only applying to the scalp, the applied lotion can do its job better and more targeted. This can be done by holding the atomizer or dropper against the scalp.
  • Determine the right dosage
    The dosage fully depends on the area that requires treatment, and the type of lotion. Do you use the lotion only on the widow's peaks or the crown? Then 0.5 ml or 5 sprays is usually enough. Do you treat the entire top of the scalp? Then 10 sprays are necessary to apply enough lotion. When the scalp has become somewhat moist, you have applied enough. Please read the manual carefully, as the dosage varies per lotion.
  • Apply the lotion
    You apply the lotion right where the hair is thinning. When your hair loss is very advanced, it could mean that you will need to treat the entire surface of the top of the head with a lotion.
  • Rub the lotion in and let it absorb.
    Divide the lotion over the places on the scalp where the hair is thinning and rub the lotion in with the finger tips. The lotion will be absorbed into the scalp within a few minutes.

After applying the lotion

  • Styling the hair
    After the lotion has been absorbed, you can simply comb the hair and use styling products, without noticing or seeing anything of the lotion.
  • Washing the hair
    In order to ensure that the lotion can do its job, the hair can not be washed for at least 3 hours after the treatment.

An example
Below we will give an example of a daily routine of a treatment with a lotion:

7.30 am: You get up and take a shower. You wash your hair with a (hair growth stimulating) shampoo and perhaps you use a conditioner. After drying yourself, you stand in front of the mirror and apply the lotion. It is not a problem when the hair is still a little bit wet, but do try to dry the scalp as much as possible. After a couple of minutes, the lotion has been absorbed. When the lotion has been absorbed, you comb your hair and optionally apply gel to your hair.

11.00 pm: You go to bed. You apply the lotion to your scalp in the bathroom. Afterwards, you brush your teeth. You undress and get into bed.

Frequently asked questions

Can you immediately start with a lotion or does the skin need to get used to it?
If you have not used a lotion before, you can start immediately.

Can I use a lotion with a sensitive scalp?
Many lotions contain propylene glycol and alcohol. Propylene glycol makes the hair very greasy. Alcohol can slightly irritate the scalp. However, alcohol is often a necessary evil to dissolve the active ingredients in the lotion and to allow the active ingredients to be absorbed into the scalp. The lotions from The Hair Growth Specialist contain no or only a minimal amount of alcohol and propylene glycol. This makes them gentle for the scalp. All lotions are quickly absorbed and do not make the hair greasy. This makes these lotions more pleasant to use than Minoxidil. Additionally, they have little to no side effects, compared to Minoxidil.

How long will a lotion last?
Most lotions contain 60 ml, enough for one month. The lotion of Neofollics contains 100 ml. How long your lotion lasts, depends, amongst others, on the area that requires treatment. In general though, 60 ml is enough for 1 month. Applying it royally can give a more powerful effect. If you only treat your widow's peaks or crown, your bottle will easily last at least 2 months.

For how long must I use a lotion?
In hereditary hair loss you will need to continue using the lotion. When you stop with the treatment, it will surely revert back to its old state. In hair loss with a different cause, for example medicine use, the use of the lotion can be temporary. For an optimal effect it is important to apply the treatment without interruptions.

Can you combine two lotions?
We don't recommend the combination of 2 lotions, since you apply only half the dosage. The effectiveness of the lotions are based, and tested, on the application of the full dosage, which is reached by applying the lotion twice a day. Applying the lotion once per day may decrease the effectiveness by half, but it may also be that (some) ingredients can't be effective at all due to the too low dosage. We therefore recommend choosing one lotion.

What do I do if I want to switch from one lotion to another?
If you are currently using a lotion and you would like to switch, we recommend to use both lotions together for 2 weeks. For example Neofollics Lotion in the morning and Spectral.DNC-N in the evening. After these 2 weeks, your skin will be used to it and you can start using the new lotion twice a day.

What do I do when the sprayer is blocked?
When you use a lotion with a sprayer, it requires a little bit of maintenance every once in a while. Moreover, it is important to place the cap/cover on the nozzle of the lotion, as this will prevent fluid from drying up in the nozzle.

When you notice that fluid isn't coming out (as easily) anymore, rinse the sprayer with warm water. Unscrew the sprayer, take it out of the bottle and empty the pump on your hand or back into the bottle. Then place the tube in a cup with warm water and pump heavily until only transparent water is coming out. Repeat this every time you notice less fluid is coming out of the sprayer.

When the sprayer is blocked and lotion can not come out anymore, it often helps to push the spray head down hard, breaking through the blockage. If this doesn't work, the part that you push down can be pulled out. For this, pull the spray nozzle up. By letting this part soak in warm water, the blockage will dissolve. Then place this part back on the bottle and pump hard.

This way, the applicator will remain in perfect condition. When the applicator still won't function properly, send a message to our customer service and we will send you a new applicator free of charge.

Is a lotion also advisable after a hair transplant?
Doctors also recommend a lotion - especially - after a hair transplant. Because a lotion ensures that hairs remain longer in their growth phase, the shockloss is minimized and regrowth is accelerated. Before using the lotion, your scalp needs to be healed. Most of the time it is fine to start using a lotion after 2 weeks after the transplant. We recommend asking for advice from your doctor.

Can I combine a lotion with other products?
Lotions can very well be combined with other products against hair loss, such as a shampoo. In order to adjust the treatments to one another as well as possible we recommend to use products from the same range (if available).

These are the best products:

Neofollics lotion with 7% Neoxyl

Neofollics lotion: Neofollics lotion with 7% Neoxyl

Clinically proven to stimulate new hair growth and combat hair loss. 41% more hair growth then Minoxidil. Features strong DHT-inhibitors and enhanced scalp absorption. For men and women.
Spectral.DNC-N with 5% Nanoxidil

Spectral DNC-N (Nanoxidil) lotion: Spectral.DNC-N with 5% Nanoxidil

Nanoxidil increases hair density and promotes the overall health of the scalp. Reduces inflammation and has antibacterial and antifungal actions. For men and women.