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The Effect of Spectral DNC-S Demonstrated in a Clinical Study

The topical lotion Spectral.DNC-S by DS Laboratories contains natural ingredients and claims to surpass the effect of pharmaceutical treatments, with much fewer side effects.

One ingredient of Spectral.DNC-S is an extract from the bark of the pine tree. This extract would have a positive effect on the hair growth by opening up the ion channels in the cells, a similar effect as Minοx. DS Laboratories claims that Spectral.DNC-S is the most powerful and advanced formula of the company so far.

The Hair Growth Specialist has received information about a clinical study. The effect of Spectral.DNC-S has been examined by DS Laboratories by means of a double blind study in the United States. The test subjects were between the ages of 25 and 55 years old and suffered from hair loss and thinning hair.

A clinical evaluation of the scalp of the volunteers showed that 85% of the individuals had an increase in hair density. 17% of the individuals even had a drastic improvement. Only 11% of them had no response. These are positive results!