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All about hair growth

All about hair growth
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Strong and healthy hair with a hair growth stimulating conditioner

A hair growth stimulating shampoo combined with a conditioner is a solid base for a treatment against hair loss. Our shampoos stimulate hair growth in various ways, ensure for a healthy scalp and are effective against dandruff and itch.

Most people use a conditioner after washing their hair with a hair growth stimulating shampoo to optimally nourish their hair. Moreover, our conditioners have an (additional) hair growth stimulating effect.

Nourishing and hair growth stimulating

A side effect of powerful hair growth stimulating shampoos can be that the hair becomes a little drier. This is the result of the effective ingredients Ketoconazole and Piroctone olamine. After washing with a shampoo you can take extra care of your hair by using a conditioner. A conditioner ensures for well-groomed and shiny hair without frizz that is easy to comb.

The hair growth stimulating conditioners in our range do not only focus on nourishing the hair. They also ensure for a healthy scalp, thicker hair and they stimulate hair growth.

Using a conditioner

Our hair growth stimulating conditioners can be used for any type of hair loss, both hereditary and non-hereditary hair loss, and can be used by both men and women.

You can use a conditioner as needed. A conditioner can be used every day, but this is not necessary. You should adjust the frequency to what your hair needs. To guarantee its effects, we do advise to adhere to the recommended minimum frequency.

If your hair is dry or frizzy, your hair becomes visibly healthier when you use a conditioner after washing. When your hair easily becomes greasy, you won't require a conditioner as often as when you have dry hair.

Hair growth stimulating conditioners

We offer the following hair growth stimulating conditioners:

In addition to conditioners that promote hair growth, there is also a conditioner without hair growth stimulating ingredients: the hair thickening keratin conditioner.

Combining a shampoo and conditioner

It is recommended to combine a shampoo and conditioner of the same brand, since they are formulated as the perfect addition to each other. You can order most shampoos and conditioners as a combination package (some with a discount), like Regenepure DR shampoo + biotin conditioner or Neofollics shampoo + conditioner.

Combining a shampoo and conditioner is not necessary though, you can perfectly combine Revita shampoo with Neofollics conditioner when you have a preference for one of these products.

Do you want to know which hair growth stimulating shampoo suits you best? Then check our shampoo comparison.