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10 Tips for using hair fibers

Hair fibers are very effective in camouflaging hair loss. The hair fibers are made of the same protein as real hair: keratin. These hair fibers adhere to your existing hair, creating a fuller look and bald spots will be hidden. Hair fibers are therefore often called hair camouflage or hair concealer.

Using hair fibers will immediately improve the look of the thinning hair, but it takes some practice to style the hair properly and to make the thinner spots appear fuller using the hair fibers. With the following 10 tips, you will get the most out of the hair fibers!

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Kmax hair fiber fixating spray (100ml): Fiber hold spray

Lock the fibers in place with a hold spray. The fiber hold spray is a fine mist specifically formulated to increase the bond between the keratin hair building fibers and your own hair, ensuring longer-lasting results.

Kmax hair fibre applicator: Kmax applicator

WIth the applicator you can apply the fibers easily and quickly. It is a device that can be attached to the bottle of hair fibres. The applicator applies the hair fibres precisely into the thinning areas. It also makes it easier to disperse the fibres uniformly, so they look even more natural.

Kmax keratin hair fibers - Black (32 gr): Kmax hair fibers

The best quality hair fibers, available in 9 colors and 3 sizes. Hair fibres are made of keratin, this is the same natural protein of which hair consists. They attach to your own hair to make the hair visibly fuller and thicker

Tip 1. Apply the hair fibers to dry hair

The hair fibers adhere to the existing hair by means of static electricity. For optimum adhesion to the hair, it is recommended to apply the hair fibers when the hair is completely dry. Moreover, the fibers may become lumpy when applied to wet hair.

When you want to use gel, apply it before using the hair fibers, style the hair and let the gel dry up well. Gel makes it harder for the hair fibers to adhere properly. Gel makes the hairs stick together, making less hair available for the hair fibers to adhere to. For best results, using a gel is therefore not advisable.

For better adhesion and fixation of the hair, we recommend to use fiber hold spray. The spray binds the hair fibers to the hair, without them being wiped off when applying. Moreover, the spray will fixate the hair, helping to retain the styling.

Tip 2. Choose the right color

Hair fibers are available in 9 natural colors. Choose the color that suits your hair color best. To approach your hair color even better, you can also mix 2 colors. Do you have dark blond hair? Try the colors medium blond and light brown and combine these two.

Apply the colors one by one, first the dark color as a base, followed by the lighter color. This way, you will achieve the best result.

Computer screens may distort the color tones. Therefore you should make sure that the computer has the proper color settings so you can choose the right color.

Tip 3. Consider the fact that the fibers must be able to adhere

The fibers adhere to the existing hair by means of static electricity, no matter how thin the hairs may be. Even the thinnest hairs may therefore become thicker due to the fibers. The fibers are not so much at their best when they are only spread across the scalp to cover it like that. Although it is not a problem when fibers end up on the scalp. Sometimes in videos, it will look like someone who has a bald spot, it is covered entirely after the use of the fibers, but this is simply due to there still being very thin hairs available for the fibers to adhere to.

Applying to crew cut hair can also be tricky. It will be harder for the fibers to adhere and the fibers will actually end up directly on the scalp, giving a less natural effect as a result.

Tip 4. Apply the right amount

For natural looking results, it is recommended to not apply too many hair fibers. A small account is usually enough to give a good effect. If you apply too many, it may start looking unnatural.

How many fibers are necessary is personal and depends on your preferences, hair condition, color etc. Finding the right amount to use requires some experience, patience and practice. It is easier to achieve a natural result by using fewer fibers rather than more. That's why you should start with small amounts and then proceed to experiment with applying hair fibers when you desire a stronger effect.

Also, you should preferably apply the hair fibers in layers, in several 'stages', rather than applying a lot in one go. Apply a layer, pat with your fingers onto the hair to spread out the fibers or brush the hair very lightly and superficially with a coarse brush. Determine whether you will need more fibers and then possibly apply some more. Repeat this until you are happy with the result.

Optionally, the fibers can be fixated in between by using fiber hold spray for extra strong adhesion. Do make sure that the spray is completely dry before applying the next 'layer'.

Tip 5. Use the hair fiber applicator

The hair fiber applicator is a very convenient accessory when using keratin hair fibers. It is a device that can be attached to a bottle of hair fibers. The applicator makes sure the hair fibers can be applied more precisely onto the thinning areas. It also makes it easier to disperse the fibers uniformly. Therefore, the applicator provides a more natural look and, in addition, provides a more economical use.

The applicator fits both the 12 grams and 28 grams size hair fiber bottles.

When you use the applicator to apply the hair fibers, we advise you to shake the bottle of hair fibers regularly. This way the hair fibers retain their loose structure and can be better spread by the applicator.

Tip 6. Use the hairline optimizer

Creating a natural looking hairline can be a challenge, especially in the beginning. Again it is important to sprinkle as little as possible and do not sprinkle too much in the front. The hairline optimizer can be useful here.

When losing hair at the hairline, it is important to create a perfect natural looking hairline. This is very well possible by scattering the hair fibers across the hair and wiping away the excess hair fibers. Of course by doing this, you are wasting precious hair fibers.

That is why you should be using the hairline optimizer. This ensures that your hairline will always look natural. Moreover, it is more efficient because the application takes less time and saves hair fibers.

Optionally, the hair fiber applicator can be used to apply to the hair fibers more precisely along the hairline.

Tip 7. Use the fiber hold spray for added security

Hair fibers adhere to your own hair very well. To improve this, in order to make sure the hair fibers last longer, you can use fiber hold spray.

The fiber hold spray is a fine mist specifically formulated to increase the bond between the keratin hair building fibers and your own hair, ensuring longer-lasting results. Furthermore, naturally derived ingredients, like vitamin B5, soften and condition both hair and fibers optimally for a completely natural appearance.

It also applies to the fiber hold spray that you must try and see what amount gives the best results. Too little gives too little fixation, with too much the fibers may clump together, become heavy and fall onto the scalp.

When the spray has dried, you may brush your hair for a softer style while the spray retains its strength.

Tip 8. Be careful with water and moisture

Just like a hair styling product, water is not good for it. A shower, heavy rain and a dive in the pool can wash the hair fibers away. Are you planning to do strenuous exercise? Rinse the hair fibers in advance. The fixative spray may delay this effect, but the spray will also be rinsed out with water.

Tip 9. Wash your hair with a hair growth shampoo and/or thickening shampoo

Healthy hair of your own is of course the basis for applying hair fibers. That is why it is important to wash your hair with an effective shampoo. And that is not all, it nourishes your hair, cares for your hair and can stimulate hair growth. For the best possible result, use both a nourishing shampoo and a thickening shampoo. You will notice that your hair will start looking better and fuller and eventually you will need to use less hair fibers to camouflage the hair loss.

The best hair growth shampoos are: Revita shampoo, Regenepure DR and Neofollics shampoo. Read our article in which we compare these shampoos.

These shampoos can be alternated with a nourishing and thickening shampoo, such as Keratin thickening shampoo and Regenepure NT.

Also, a hair growth stimulating lotion can be used to stimulate hair growth.

Tip 10. Why spend a lot when you don't have to?

There are hair fibers available from popular brands such as Toppik and Nanogen. These are much more expensive than the hair fibers by Kmax and Beaver Professional which we offer, making the use of hair fibers very much affordable.