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How does beard growth work?

No research needs to be done to notice that beards seem to be everywhere. A beard is hip! Growing a beard or mustache seems to have little to do with keeping faces warm, and much more to do with looks and style.

What about those of us who have a hard time growing facial hair? While there are many tricks out there to stimulate overall hair growth, growing a beautiful, healthy and full beard and mustache can be tricky at times. Can you do anything about this? Yes, you can and we are happy to explain how this works!

Why do some have a lot of beard growth and others do not?

The degree of beard growth is genetically determined per person. But if you have little or no beard growth in a certain place, this does not mean that there are no hair follicles there that can produce (vellus) hair. It only means that the hair follicles in this place are in the (telogen) resting phase and are therefore not or not sufficiently stimulated by the body to grow properly.

How does a beard grow?

During puberty, the hair follicles on the face start to produce longer (beard) hairs. This is due to an increased amount of testosterone in the man's body. It has been scientifically proven that beard hairs benefit from a higher amount of testosterone, the more testosterone the more the beard hairs are triggered to grow. It can therefore happen that your beard grows very fast and long during puberty, but it will grow less quickly as you get older. This is because the amount of testosterone in the body of the man decreases again after puberty.

There are also a lot of myths about beard growth, it is often thought that a beard grows faster when you shave (this is incorrect) and that there is nothing to be done about bald spots in the beard or slow beard growth. Fortunately, you can do something about this!

What can you do to stimulate beard and mustache growth?

If you suffer from thin patches in your beard - or if you would like a fuller, longer beard - there are a number of things you can do. If you properly stimulate the hair follicles in the beard or mustache that are in the resting phase, you can still promote hair growth. By using the right products you can stimulate beard growth both inside and out and still grow a beautiful full beard.
If you only have moderate beard growth or you suffer from bald spots in your beard, there are a number of means that you can use to get a fuller beard. These products should do the following:
  • Activate beard / mustache hair in the telogen phase
  • Make beard and mustache fuller
  • Provide nutrients for healthy hair growth
  • Improve skin condition
  • Grooming the beard and mustache
  • Not have side effects
Healthy skin is the foundation of all healthy hair growth. This is also the case with the beard. It is therefore important, in addition to stimulating beard growth, to also ensure the healthiest facial skin possible. It is therefore important not to use products that are bad for the skin or that can cause side effects. Not all products are suitable for the face. View the product overview below for beard growth-stimulating products, so you can at least be sure that you are using the most effective and safest products for stimulating beard growth.

What products are there to stimulate beard growth?

Neofollics Hair Growth Stimulating Beard Serum

The active ingredients Neoxyl® and Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 ensure that small vellus hairs within the beard line become fuller. Inactive hair follicles in the beard are stimulated to grow. This helps the serum to develop a fuller and thicker beard. In addition, this serum also cares for the skin and the beard, so that it itches less and you no longer need beard oil products for a well-groomed beard. The Neoxyl in the serum has been proven to be more effective than Minox and has no side effects. Using the serum is very easy: spray 2 to 3 pumps twice a day on your fingers and massage the serum on your face and into the beard.


Spectral.BRD is a serum that offers an integrated approach to improve the even coverage of your beard. To stimulate a thicker and fuller beard, the most effective, clinically proven ingredients have been combined to create a serum that promotes fuller density, stimulates growth and improves facial hair quality.

Spectral.BRD contains powerful hair growth stimulating ingredients such as Nanoxidil, Piroctone Olamine, Adenosine and other active ingredients. Use 6-8 drops of this serum at a time directly on the face and beard, twice a day.

Dermaroller 0.5mm

Research shows that micro-needling with a derma roller can be of great help in treating hair loss and stimulating hair growth. Topical treatment and treatment of beard or mustache is more effective if the active ingredients can be absorbed into the scalp. The dermaroller creates thousands of openings in the epidermis, making it easier for the active ingredients in the serum to reach the hair follicle. You only need to use a dermaroller twice a week to achieve extra results.

HGS MSM powder

MSM (Methyl sulfonyl methane) is a form of sulfur and is an essential component of our skin, connective tissue, hair, joints and nails. MSM is therefore a body substance and has many positive properties and can, among other things, promote mobility and the maintenance of flexible muscles, joints and the growth of hair and beard or mustache from within. Take 3 teaspoons every day during or after a meal, mixed with water or (fruit) juice.

Neofollics Hair Growth Stimulating Tablets

This is a high-dose dietary supplement. The tablets contain an effective combination of only the best natural (hair growth stimulating) ingredients, vitamins and minerals to stimulate healthy hair growth from within. Dosage of these tablets depends on the result you want to achieve; take 2 to 3 tablets spread over the day.

How fast does a beard or mustache grow?

These (beard) hair growth stimulating products are immediately effective, from the first use. On average, beard hair grows about 1 cm per month. It can therefore take 2 to 3 months to grow a full beard if you don't have one yet.

Most men start to see visible results after 3 months of consistent use of beard growth stimulating products. So do you also want a beautiful, full and healthy beard without bald spots? With the above products you will be on the right track!