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Why is Adenοsine better for you than Minοx?

Recent studies have shown that the substance Adenοsine has a positive effect on hair growth. These studies also compare Adenοsine with Minοx. We have summarised the most important findings in this article.

In the past many studies were aimed at Minοx and Fina as a medication to prevent loss of hair and to stimulate hair growth. Both substances are relatively effective, but can be accompanied by unpleasant side effects because they could cause fluctuations in blood pressure and hormonal changes.

Recent scientific studies have also show that Adenοsine (native to the human body) is very effective against loss of hair. Contrary to Minοx and Fina, Adenοsine has no side effects.

Adenοsine is an important bio-organic compound fulfilling various functions in the human body. Recent research has proven that the appliance of an Adenοsine solution on the scalp can lead to improved hair growth for both men and women.

Adenοsine molecule
Adenοsine molecule

We have examined several independent scientific studies. The main conclusions are:

  • It appears that topical application of Adenοsine in a 0.75% solution receives a better assessment from users coping with hair loss than Minοx in a 5% solution.
  • Users are more satisfied with Adenοsine rather than Minodixil regarding counteracting hair loss (especially AGA), because they experience Adenοsine can prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth better.
  • Adenοsine has a positive effect on hair loss with men (male pattern hair loss) as well as with women (female pattern hair loss)
  • A 12-month usage of Adenοsine leads to an improvement of hair condition in 84% of all cases.
  • Adenοsine mitigates hair loss by stimulating hair growth and thickening of the hair shafts.
  • Another interesting result is the lack of side effects during the studies.

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