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Κetο­conazole shampoo

Using a good shampoo is one of the options we have when we have to deal with hair loss. Most shampoos that are available at the drugstore are ineffective against hair loss. In fact, most shampoos contain harmful substances. However, there certainly are shampoos out there that can help against hair loss. An important ingredient in hair growth shampoos is Κetο­conazole.

What is Κetο­conazole

Κetο­conazole was developed for the control of dandruff and itching. Κetο­conazole shampoo with a high concentration is a drug that is prescribed to people with seborrheic dermatitis or severe dandruff. Multiple researches to study the effectiveness of this substance have shown that it stimulates hair growth and helps against hereditary hair loss. Various studies have shown that Κetο­conazole can be effective against hair loss in three ways:

  • It fights eczema and dandruff (fungicide), creating a better environment to allow the hair to grow
  • Κetο­conazole is anti-inflammatory
  • Κetο­conazole is a mild DHT reducer (by fighting the formation of 5-alpha reductase on the scalp)

The use of Κetο­conazole in a shampoo thus has multiple functions. It fights against dandruff and at the same time, it combats hair loss and even stimulates regrowth.

How to use Κetο­conazole shampoo

It is recommended not to use Κetο­conazole shampoo on a daily basis and to alternate with a milder shampoo. Let the shampoo soak for a few minutes and then proceed to thoroughly rinse the hair.

Shampoo containing Κetο­conazole

We have one shampoo with Κetο­conazole in our assortment: Regenepure DR with 1% Κetο­conazole

Scientific studies

The effectiveness of Κetο­conazole is proven in several scientific studies:

Κetο­conazole compared to Piroctone olamine

Κetο­conazole is the most well-known, but it is not the only proven anti-dandruff ingredient in shampoos which stimulates hair growth. Piroctone olamine has a similar effect as Κetο­conazole. Research shows (number 3 above) that both ingredients have a positive effect on multiple aspects of hair growth. They have a similar effect on itch and dandruff. Piroctone olamine generally scores better when it comes to hair growth.

In this article you can read the most important conclusions. 1% Piroctone olamine can be found in Neofollics shampoo