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Beaver hair fiber applicator

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Beaver hair fiber applicator ★★★★ (4 x 2)

By Beaver Professional

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The hair fiber applicator is an accessory that can be placed on the hair fiber bottles of Beaver Professional. Using the applicator makes it easier to disperse the fibers precisely and uniformly, so they look even more natural. It fits both the 12 grams and 28 grams size hair fibers.
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Hair fiber applicator

The hair fiber applicator is a very convenient accessory when using Beaver Professional keratin hair fibers. It is a device that can be attached to the bottle of hair fibers.

The applicator applies the hair fibers precisely into the thinning areas. It also makes it easier to disperse the fibers uniformly, so they look even more natural.

It’s ideal to use for the front hairline, especially in conjunction with the hairline optimizer. It is also great to precisely cover up roots (when you have dyed hair) and blend hair extensions.

The applicator fits both the 12 grams and 28 grams size hair fiber bottles from Beaver Professional.

Directions for usage

  1. Shake the bottle of hair fibers.
  2. Unscrew the cap of the hair fiber bottle. Remove the sifter (the part with the little holes) by gently rocking it back and forth.
  3. Screw the applicator onto the bottle.
  4. Press down on the pump. Applying more or less pressure controls the amount of fibers that will be dispensed.
  5. It is adviced to remove the applicator every time after using the hair fibers and close the bottle with the screw cap. Moisture can cause the hair fibers to clump.

You can also view the instruction video below.

When you use the applicator, we advise you to shake the bottle of hair fibers regularly. This way the hair fibers keep their loose structure.

To apply the hair fibers even more easily and accurately on the hairline, you can use the hairline optimizer. After the hair fibers are applied, you can use the fiber hold spray to keep the hair fibers in place throughout the day.

For more information about (the use of) hair fibers, take a look on the page about keratin hair fibers and read our tips for using hair fibers.


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The results of this product can vary per person. There is no guarantee of specific results and the results can vary. Hair growth products tend to give faster visible results when the hair loss has not progressed too far.
4 stars
(Automatically translated review)
I'm a ladies hair dresser and use this in ladies who have hormonal thinning of their hair.
The darker the hair, and thus the fibers, the better the transparency disappears.

, Nieuwerkerken (28 September 2017)

Product information

Product information

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