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Hair fibers

Hair fibers are the solution to immediately get a fuller head of hair. These small fibers are made from the same protein as real hair: keratin. By means of static electricity, the fibers adhere to the available hairs, making the hair look fuller and bald spots are hidden. This is why hair fibers are often called hair camouflage or hair concealer.

The hair fibers from Beaver Professional are of the highest quality. We buy the products directly from the supplier and can, therefore, offer these hair building fibers at a much lower price than comparable brands of natural hair fibers such as Toppik, Super Million Hair, Caboki and Nanogen.

The hair fibers are available in 9 natural hair colors. Choose the color that matches your own hair color. If you have a hair color between two available colors, then mix the two colors for the best result.

The hair fibers are available in a pack of 28 grams and 12 grams. 28 grams is enough for about 2 months.

The hair fiber applicator, hairline optimizer, and hair fiber hold spray are useful tools when using hair fibers.

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