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Neofollics Hair Technology

Neofollics Hair Technology is a Dutch manufacturer that focuses entirely on developing high-quality products to combat hair loss and improve hair growth. To this end, they work with research laboratories and biotechnology companies worldwide.

Neofollics offers a broad line of hair growth products with innovative, mild ingredients that are proven effective. Neofollics shampoo is a powerful shampoo against hair loss and is also very effective for scalp problems because of 1% Piroctone olamine. The Neofollics conditioner takes care of the hair intensively while it additionally stimulates hair growth.

The Neofollics lotion with 7% Neoxyl® contains a powerful formula that treats all types of hair loss, from beginning to advanced, and makes the hair grow thicker and healthier.

The Neofollics tablets contain a variety of natural ingredients, which stimulate healthy hair growth from within and inhibit DHT effectively. Because of the isoflavones, this supplement is also very suitable for hair loss in women.

Neofollics anti-grey hair tablets is a natural and powerful nutritional supplement that effectively prevents grey hair and promotes hair pigmentation thanks to a unique two-step treatment.

The Neofollics Beard Growth Serum is the latest addition to the product line of hair growth stimulating products. It is one of the most advanced and powerful beard growth serums on the market. The scientifically proven ingredients make the beard hair grow faster and give the non-activated or weakened hair follicles an extra stimulus for a beautiful, full beard.