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Since 2003, Kmax has ensured that millions of men and women feel more secure about their hair. The Kmax Concealing product line is a premium product line with 9 different colors of hair loss camouflage products at a reasonable price. So there is also a perfect match with your natural hair color!

This line consists of hair fibers, color spray and a scalp shader. Because we are a direct importer of Kmax Milano in the Benelux, the Hair Growth Specialist can offer these hair fibers more cheaply than brands such as Nanogen and Toppik.

The Hair fibers from Kmax Milano are a temporary, cosmetic solution in which tiny fibers adhere to existing hair. The effect is very natural. These high-quality Kmax Milano hair fibers contain no dyes, are made from natural keratin and are available in 9 different hair shades.

The Kmax Milano scalp shader is ideal for application on the scalp for very thin and / or short hair and the Kmax Milano color spray has been developed to cover up outgrowth or camouflage thinning hair.

The Kmax Concealing product line is supplemented with a series of accessories for a perfect end result. The Kmax Fixing Spray provides the "finishing touch" so that the hair fibers stay perfectly in place all day and the Kmax Applicator and the Kmax Hairline Optimizer ensure that application is easier and moreover faster for an even more satisfactory result.