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DS Laboratories

DS Laboratories is one of the best-known manufacturers of hair growth stimulating products. This manufacturer from Florida, USA, is characterized by its high-quality products that are focused on different causes and stages of hair loss.

Revita shampoo is the most famous product from DS Laboratories. A shampoo that is pleasant to use and perfectly suited for beginning hair loss. The accompanying conditioner contains stimulating ingredients that further nourish and care for the hair.

DS Laboratories has developed several lotions, aimed at various causes of hair loss. Spectral.DNC-N with Nanoxidil is the answer of DS Laboratories to the well-known hair growth product Minoxidil. Spectral.DNC-N lotion is more effective due to its different working mechanisms and has no side effects. Spectral.CSF is specially formulated for women with thinning hair as a result of hormonal changes.

The Hair Growth Specialist is an official dealer of DS Laboratories.