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Beaver Professional

Beaver Professional produces high-quality hair fibers. As a direct importer of Beaver Professional in Western Europe, the Hair Growth Specialist can offer these hair fibers more cheaply than brands such as Nanogen and Toppik.

Hair fibers are a temporary, cosmetic solution in which tiny fibers attach to existing hairs. The effect is very natural. For many of our customers, hair fibers are the way to, for example, camouflage their thinning crown, make their entire hair look thicker or filling up thin spots. This means that hair fibers also work well with diffuse hair loss.

Hair fibers can be combined well with other treatments. In the long run, you fight the cause of your hair loss, while in the short term you enhance the appearance of your hair.

Beaver Hair Fibers are available in 9 different colors. They are also easy to apply thanks to several handy accessories such as the hair fiber applicator.

Beaver Professional also offers a keratin shampoo and keratin conditioner. These gently cleanse the hair and provide thicker and stronger hair using keratin proteins.